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I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I’m ready to share with the world my journey as an artist from a student of commercial and graphic art, to where I am today in my career as a photo researcher and editor, as well as a volunteer photographer. The images within this corner of the internet are a representation of not only my personal vision in some cases, but the visuals I was able to provide to clients and organizations based on their specific needs. Enjoy yourself as you look around, and feel free to contact me directly for any questions, job requests, etc.

Photo Retoucher

I am a photo retoucher. I can make anyone or anything look amazing!

Photo Researcher

I love going into archives and finding that perfect photo for a project.

Social Media

How cool is social media? Reaching thousands of people in just a couple clicks is such an easy way to advertise.

Project Manager

Talking with clients and helping them step-by-step of a project is my specialty.

Here are just a few clients that I’ve done work for

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