Early Student Work

This gallery of images are some examples of my early student work.

Greatest Fear

During one of my illustration courses in college, we were asked to illustrate our greatest fear in the style of cross hatching. At the time, mine was a fear of driving, so my vision was to draw a car with a look of terror/meance on its face.

John Lennon Drawing

Another of my illustration assignments was to draw a picture of a famous person. Having always been a lifelong fan of John Lennon’s, I wanted to draw him, but also wanted to focus on his theory of “bagism” in a series of interviews he gave in the late 1960s with Yoko Ono. That’s why I drew him sitting in a bag.

Spectator Humor magazine

The campus humor magazine for St. John’s University, I got to illlustrate their Christmas themed cover one year.



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